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Kavos Emergencies s.a. is a medical company operating a day care health center located in the center of the touristic resort of Kavos in the south of Corfu island. It is placed on a 180m2 two-store building on the main street of Kavos. Kavos Emergencies on its present form was established on 2009, but it exists as individual collaborating surgeries since 2003.

It is the only day care unit in south Corfu and it was founded in order to provide high quality medical services on the resort to the numerous visitors of south Corfu and to the locals. Medical services in the establishment and outpatient visits on the surrounding area are provided on a 24-hour base for summer season and on a working hours base the rest of the year. Being the only health center in south Corfu it has established a network of several cooperating surgeries to effectively provide 24/7 medical services in the area. Kavos Emergencies s.a. consists of three departments and it is privileged to employ exclusively the only specialized plastic and reconstructive surgeon on the island. Our three years (2011-2014) investment plan includes the creation of cardiology, gynaecology,orthopedics pediatrics,neurology,allergiology and X-ray departments.


Kavos Emergencies is the only day care unit in south Corfu that provides high quality medical services to the numerous visitors.

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